Technology Made Robots, Amazon CEO JEff Bezos, Is Controlling A Giant Mech Robot.

Technology Made Robots, Amazon CEO JEff Bezos, Is Controlling A Giant Mech Robot.

Technology Made Robots, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Is Controlling A Giant Mech Robot.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos were given to stay out every 6-year-antique’s fantasy when he was given behind the controls of a giant “mech” robotic.

The Verge reports that Bezos tried out the thirteen-foot-tall (four meters) robot the day prior to this (March 19) at his agency’s personal device getting to know, domestic Automation, Robotics and space Exploration (MARS) conference. Video of the boat, evolved via Hankook Mirae technology in South Korea, first surfaced in December in promotional clips. stay technology changed into skeptical of the robotic’s existence and capability at the time.

but the new video well-known shows that the robotic does, indeed, exist. however, it’s miles from clean how an awful lot the mech (a time period for piloted, humanoid robots) can genuinely do. Bezos flails the arms around the usage of controls within the robotic’s torso cockpit, but the robotic does no longer take any steps and is tethered to the ceiling, possibly for safety motives.

giant mech

The robot does now not select anything up in the video, either, that is extremely good because its developers say that considered one of their goals is to create piloted robots for actual-world jobs, like cleaning up the Fukushima nuclear power plant that became damaged in 2011 whilst a huge earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. to this point, none of the photos of the mech has shown it manipulating gadgets. The massive boat additionally runs on external power, this means that that, up to now, it is not able to paintings untethered.
Such boundaries will be overcome. Roboticists have already developed robots that could navigate choppy terrain, which includes Boston Dynamics’ intimidating “massive canine” and the bipedal “Atlas” humanoid robotic. Atlas can open doorways, lift boxes and even right itself while pushed, and operates with an inner strength supply. those bots are a lot smaller than the large mech Hankook Mirae is trying to develop, but, and do not present the equal protection challenges as a piloted robotic. in step with Hankook Mirae’s website, the mech robot, nicknamed method 2, weighs at the least 1.6 lots.

Sci-fi myth

A designer affiliated with Hankook Mirae, Vitaly Bulgarov, advised stay technology in December that the massive mech has been below development for numerous years and is a prototype made to reveal off unique technologies, just like the human-device interface that controls the palms.

if so, the mech might also by no means be used for more than demonstration purposes, whilst the individual technology used to make it might be redirected to extra sensible designs.

regardless of the closing characteristic of the robot, it certainly faucets into human fantasies of what robots have to be. Mechs like the method 2 design seem within the 2009 film “Avatar” in addition to in “Starship troopers” (1997) and in “Pacific Rim” (2013). The individual of Ripley (played by actress Sigourney Weaver) also uses one within the traditional sci-fi film “aliens” (1986), which Bezos referenced in the course of his trip in technique 2.



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