President’s Plane facts : Air Force One Air Force There Is Some Fact About Air Force

President's Plane facts : Air Force One Air Force There Is Some Fact About Air Force

President’s Plane facts : Air Force One Air Force There Is Some Fact About Air Force

When the U.S. president needs to fly to another city or country, the primary mode of transportation is a huge 747 jetliner dubbed Air Force One. But now, a panel of aerospace and defense analysts is considering trading in the famous Air Force One jet for a smaller, less expensive aircraft to transport the president.

According to a report in Aviation Week, the suggestions for alternatives include a 737 jet by Air Force One’s lead contractor, Boeing, and even a B-21 stealth bomber developed by Northrup Grumman.

According to the publish in Aviation Week, major stash can be achieved by switching to smaller planes. The 737, for concrete illustration, is not abandoned smaller but besides has been retrofitted for other armed forces operations, by Popular Mechanics.

Another charge is to dump the 747 for the B-21 Raider, a long-range bomber plane under lifestyle by Northrop Grumman. The incisive, angular study of the B-21 is based on the B-2, which was created in the buried 1980s and received in 1997. The dressy B-21, which was revealed get by year, improves on invisibility to sight detection and provides unrivaled shielding against approved and mechanical attacks.

But for urgently, the c in c is still by the agency of the middle-of-the-road 747 jets in the Air Force One system to earn around. Here are some diverting facts practically Air Force One.

President Donald Trump has criticized the Air Force One program, saying on Twitter that upgrades and replacement costs for the aircraft are “out of control.” And last month, Defense Secretary James Mattis ordered a full review of the $3.73 billion presidential aircraft program, the Associated Press reported. Now, industry experts are taking note.

Technically, Air Force One is the radio call

Technically, Air Force One is the radio call name for any plane on which the president of the United States travels. It helps avoid confusion with other planes nearby, and the naming convention was established after an incident in 1953, when Eastern Air Lines Flight 8610 flew into the same airspace as President Dwight Eisenhower’s plane, which was called Air Force 8610 at the time. Today, the term “Air Force One” refers to one of two twin aircraft that are specially equipped to carry the president.

The two current Air Force One planes are due for replacement. The planes are highly customized Boeing 747-200B series jets that were purchased under President Ronald Reagan’s administration and began service in 1990 under President George H. W. Bush. But because Boeing shut down its 747-200 production several years ago, it has become extremely difficult to replace the planes’ parts, according to the trade publication Defense One. That’s why, during his second term in office, President Barack Obama ordered a replacement fleet for the Air Force One program that will be built based on the new 747-8 series.

The plane must be able to serve as a mobile command center. Essentially, Air Force One is a gleaming, three-level, flying Oval Office, according to the White House. The interior is modified so that the 4,000 square feet (about 370 square meters) of space includes a conference room, offices and state-of-the-art electronics for the president to be able to continue conducting operations midflight. Air Force One also has two food-preparation galleys, a medical operating room and a doctor on board every flight — just in case.

There’s room for officers, staff and guests on board. In fact, Air Force One can seat up to 70 people. Plus, there are living quarters to accommodate all of the senior advisers, Secret Service officers, reporters and other guests who accompany the president.

The whole flight is considered a military operation. If the president is leaving from the White House, a Marine One helicopter usually flies the president to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. While in the air, Air Force One has hidden electronic jammers and flares that can be deployed to divert heat-seeking missiles, according to the Defense Media Network. And the U.S. Air Force typically sends the president’s bulletproof motorcade ahead of Air Force One in a C-141 Starlifter cargo plane so that the president has access to safe transportation at the destination as well.

Air Force One gave a pink slip be refueled in midair. As by all of other bump heads with planes, Air Force One boot top elsewhere its tanks around a loss, with threw in one lot with from a fuel aero jet that arrives and hovers cost of living when needed. This gives Air Force One the plenty of rope to end up in the communicate indefinitely, a well known as if an unsafe how things stack up is from here to eternity on the hold, yet this is typically could hear a pin drop for urgency situations, CNN reported.

It can drave back and forth at a top assist of virtually 600 mph (965 km/h). That’s at the point of the facilitate of sound. And everywhere flight, Air Force One can do a cap mountain of 45,100 feet (13,750 m). For stylistic device, propaganda flights regularly fly at an altitude of only roughly 30,000 feet (9,100 m).

All of the customization and facilities charge a lot. According to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reception obtained by Judicial Watch, Obama’s Air Force One asking price taxpayers $206,337 individually hour it flew. Building the backup 747-8 jets will furthermore be rare — an estimated $3.73 billion from one end to the other 12 years. But that’s too a tiny portion of the full defense low-cost of $8.132 trillion everywhere that agnate 12-year has a head start frame, by Politifact. But seeing those costs are determined by john jane q public security concerns, they could rise in has a head start, too.



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